With over 35 years of expertise in Urban Water Engineering and Strategies, AYA HYDRO brings robust           interdisciplinary skills set to the table. Our track record demonstrates a consistent ability to deliver               projects of exceptional quality while adhering to cost-effective measures, meeting and exceeding client         expectations

AYA HYDRO specializes in providing consultancy and advisory services in water planning, design, investigation, hydraulic modelling, climate change adaptation, 

and asset management. Our approach incorporates innovative concepts and 

applications of water management, ensuring high-quality deliverables for our clients.

With extensive experience in Scandinavia, mainly in Denmark and Sweden, 

AYA HYDRO offers cutting-edge specialized expertise. Our consultancy 

covers technical, socioeconomic, and sustainable aspects of water planning

and strategies at local, regional and national levels.:

  • Water, wastewater and urban water planning and investigation.

  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling and analysis.

  • Wastewater, rainwater, cloudburst investigation and modelling with rain   

     data analysis.

  • Surface water, river and coast investigation and modelling.  

  • Flood risk analysis and modelling of 1D-, 2D-, 1D-2D and 1D-1D models.

  • Calibration and validation of hydraulic models.

  • Climate change adaptation plans and strategies.

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System design, optimization and analysis           of pipes, LID, pumpstations, channels, drainage tunnels,                               wastewater storm water basins within, urban and rural areas together           with highways, railways, coasts and shores.

  • Bidding and project management.

  • Advanced GIS analysis and solutions.

  • Cost-benefit analysis and business case-studies.

  • Quality assurance and supervision.

  • Asset management.

AYA HYDRO maintains collaborations with other consulting firms, expanding our capabilities to undertake projects encompassing various aspects of water planning and design. This includes project planning, pipeline coordination, road and highway engineering, geotechnical engineering, land survey, technical design of infrastructure, buildings and constructions. By leveraging these partnerships, we extend our service offerings, providing comprehensive solutions to meet our customers' diverse needs consistently.